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Program Details and Applications Now Available

The CMMC-AB released program details for C3PAOs, RPOs, and the credentialed roles that support them: Certified CMMC Professionals, Certified CMMC Assessors, and Registered Practitioners. Additional programs will follow in the coming weeks including the Provisional Program.

Where do I fit
in the CMMC-AB ecosystem?

The CMMC Accreditation Body is authorized by the US Department of Defense to be the sole authoritative source for the operationalization of CMMC Assessments and Training with the DOD contractor community, or other communities that may adopt the CMMC, and does not endorse, support, or promote any organization outside of the Accreditation Body that might use the acronym “CMMC" in their organization name, or in any description of the services they may provide.

If seeking an assessment or to support the CMMC launch:


Suppliers in the Defense Supply Chain and others seeking certification under the CMMC Standard.

Government Agencies icon


While the CMMC Standard was created for the Defense Supply Chain, there are many other government agencies and allies of the United States interested in using the CMMC Standard or achieving reciprocity for their standards and stakeholders.

Should I pick the registered or credentialed roles track?

If you are a professional select your role:


Registered Practitioners are authorized to use CMMC-AB branding in the course of providing non-certified services to OSCs.


Certified CMMC Professionals and Certified CMMC Assessors are trained and tested to provide certified assessment and consultative services to OSCs.

Licensed Instructors icon


Licensed Instructors are trained and certified to be qualified to teach assessor applicants in the details and rigors of their CMMC assessment practices.

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The CMMC-AB was formed in January 2020. We are building an organization from the ground up that will lead the nation and the world in the cyber arena.

If you are an organization select the type:


Registered Provider Organizations house Registered Practitioners and ensure that they receive the required basic CMMC-AB training and adhere to the CMMC-AB Code of Professional Conduct.


C3PAOs, Certified Third-Party Assessment Organizations, are the organizations housing Certified CMMC Assessors ensuring that they adhere to the CMMC-AB Code of Professional Conduct, schedule assessments, review and submit completed assessments for certification by the CMMC-AB.


Licensed Training Providers are the universities, community colleges and other learning institutions who train Certified CMMC Professionals and Certified CMMC Assessors.


Licensed Partner Publishers provide the materials for LTPs, used by their Certified CMMC Instructor's for training Certified CMMC Professionals and Certified CMMC Assessor applicants.

Graphic demonstrating the CMMC-AB's desire to listen first

What is your biggest concern about your understanding of the CMMC-Standard, the assessment process, or your participation in either?

Your answers will directly affect what appears on this website and in the other materials we produce.

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