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If you are a professional select your role:


Registered Practitioners - Registered Practitioners are authorized to use CMMC-AB branding in the course of providing non-certified services to OSCs.

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Certified CMMC Assessors - Certified CMMC Professionals and Certified CMMC Assessors are trained and tested to provide certified assessment and consultative services to OSCs.

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Certified CMMC Instructors - Certified CMMC Instructors are trained and certified to be qualified to teach assessor applicants in the details and rigors of their CMMC assessment practices.

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CMMC-AB Staff - The CMMC-AB was formed in January, 2020.  We are building an organization from the ground up that will lead the nation and the world in the cyber arena. 

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If you are an organization select the type:


Registered Provider Organization - Registered Provider Organizations house Registered Practitioners and ensure that they receive the required basic CMMC-AB training and adhere to the CMMC-AB Code of Professional Conduct.

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C3PAO - C3PAOs, Certified Third-Party Assessment Organizations, are the organizations housing Certified Assessors ensuring that they adhere to the CMMC-AB Code of Professional Conduct, schedule assessments, review and submit completed assessments for certification by the CMMC-AB.

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Licensed Training Provider - Licensed Training Providers are the universities, community colleges and other learning institutions who train Certified Professionals and Certified Assessors.

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Licensed Partner Publisher - Licensed Partner Publishers provide the materials for LTPs, used by their Certified Instructor's for training Certified Professionals and Certified Assessor applicants

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