Board Code of Ethics

Each board member has signed a Code of Ethics to preserve the integrity and independence of the CMMC Accreditation Body.

Our Code of Ethics, reproduced below, goes beyond the practices of many other non-profit boards and has been approved by our counsel Pillsbury Law and reviewed by the Maryland Nonprofits Standards for Excellence Institute.



Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body
Leadership Code of Conduct and Ethics

Members of the leadership team of the CMMC-AB:

As professionals charged with shepherding the CMMC-AB process, the leadership of the CMMC-AB has a responsibility to lead from the front. And where it leads, others will follow. Part of our responsibility includes having a Code of Conduct and Ethics to assure that governance is consistently conducted according to the highest standards and best practices.

Problems occur when those in authority place their own personal gain or that of third parties ahead of the interests of the organization in which they exercise their authority. When this happens - when integrity, transparency, objectivity, or honesty is compromised - the damage to the organization can be incalculable. In the case of the CMMC-AB, national security could be placed at risk; and the CMMC-AB has the responsibility to prevent that at all costs. To help guide the actions of the CMMC-AB leadership, this Code of Conduct and Ethics will serve as the compass in navigating the organization’s course.

Members of the Board of Directors, executive staff, and those in other leadership positions must observe the following duties:


  • Duty of Care: The leadership must ensure that the organization makes prudent use of all things within the leadership’s care. This extends to, but is not limited to, how the organization respects and nurtures its people, preserves and protects the resources being managed, and maintains the public trust placed upon the organization and its leadership. The leadership must strive to excellence across the board, measuring its attainment in how the organization operates and how it delivers on its promises.


  • Duty of Loyalty: The leadership must remain loyal and steadfast to the mission set before it. To that end, leadership must do everything within its power to remain true to that mission by placing it first and foremost. This includes taking actions that are in the best interest of the mission, placing service before self, avoiding/addressing conflicts of interest consistent with the CMMC-AB Conflict of Interest Policy, safeguarding confidential information, and refraining from the pursuit of private gain. Leadership must at all times insure the highest levels of integrity in all of its decisions and actions. Leadership will demonstrate loyalty to each other through mutual respect, teamwork, and cordiality. And it shall be loyal to the organization and its constituents by maintaining zero tolerance for corruption and committing to speak up and take action should anyone encounter situations that are inconsistent with these values.


  • Duty of Compliance: The leadership must, now and always, obey all applicable laws, regulations, commitments, governance documents, and best practices in both actions and appearances. Leadership commits to maintain the legal, moral, and ethical high ground in all that it does on behalf of the CMMC-AB.


By volunteering to participate in the leadership of the CMMC-AB, one commits to satisfy the above obligations in good faith and to the greatest extent possible. The leadership team further commits to flow down these principles and practices throughout the organization to make them a permanent part of the CMMC-AB’s culture.

As leaders of the CMMC-AB, each of us is proud be part of this exceptional team and this outstanding organization.

Karlton Johnson

Chairman, CMMC-AB Board of Directors

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