Amanda M. Gorski

Ms. Amanda Gorski is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps intelligence community with a unique skill set developed over nearly 20 years of supporting the Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies. Ms. Gorski has provided expert-level personnel security and cybersecurity guidance to multiple organizations, including Raytheon, General Dynamics, and Agile IT Synergy.

Ms. Gorski graduated Summa Cum Laude from Strayer University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems & Cybersecurity Management.

Amanda has supported numerous physical, personnel, and cybersecurity organizations as a contractor and consultant. In addition, Amanda is a Program Manager for a reputable Managed Security Services Provider and a Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert for the USSOCOM Command Surgeon’s Office. Security is not just her profession; it is her passion.

In early 2019, Ms. Gorski founded GSec LLC to aid micro and small businesses in developing their cyber programs and protecting their assets. GSec LLC is fundamentally based on the passion for security and compliance developed as an Intelligence Analyst and DoD contractor. She saw the struggle that small businesses ensue with security and wanted to find a way to simplify processes and provide support. Ms. Gorski now leads the team by applying military-grade experience and knowledge to the needs of non-profit agencies, individuals, business owners, and DoD support contractors.

•   Registered Practitioner assisting micro and small businesses achieve their compliance goals

•   Strategically aligned with other organizations to assist through all phases of certification

•   Consults with organizations on best practices and inspection preparation

•   Advises and assists with implementing various compliance standards

•   Develops a Plan of Action and Milestones for resolving deficiencies for various organizations

•   Builds accreditation and certification roadmaps for various organizations and executes from inception to finalization

•   Provides subject matter expertise for the development and implementation of Cybersecurity mitigation strategies

•   Works with various organizations to determine the most appropriate technologies to support their missions

•   Creates program and security policies and documentation