Anand Janjal

Lead implementation of GSA Steps to Performance-Based Acquisition (SPBA) application to replace the legacy systems – The SPBA application received a Dynamite Game Changer Award (selected by ACT-IAC) - a disruptive innovation that creates a new or different solution or delivers a major breakthrough on a longstanding problem. Migrated legacy application to an all cloud AWS platform using OSA and end-to-end DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline. As a CSD, hands-on experience with Agile Extreme Programming Principles like TDD, CI, and Pair Programming and DevSecOps.
Introduced Decentralized Decision Making at GSA to focus on strategy with bottom-up flow of ideas and decisions. Ensured on time delivery of all the work products with the highest customer satisfaction. Established virtual Research and Development (R & D) lab to test spikes / prototypes.
As a Chair of TELESIS PRC (Process Review Committee), implemented best CMMI, ISO and Agile practices. Lead TELESIS Technical Community of Practice (TTCoP) to mentor technical teams on lean, Agile DevSecOps practices. Helped TELESIS with CMMI v1.3, v2.0 and CMMC implementation.
Lead the team to develop OpenFISMA+, a Risk Management Tool to reduce the complexity and automate regulatory requirements of the FISMA and the NIST RMF.