Andrew Scheifele, PhD

Isora GRC is a secure Risk/Compliance Assessment platform.

It provides an effective and automated workflow to help you collect, track, and quantify compliance data at scale.  Demonstrate DFARs cyber compliance including DoD interim scoring (NIST 800-171). Conduct CMMC pre-assessments, gap-analyses, and gather/manage evidence. Manage end to end assessments, SSPs, and POA&Ms.

Built by security engineers and deployed on GovCloud. Private cloud, enclave and on premise deployments available for large clients.

Conduct internal assessments across hundreds of individual units/systems/enclaves/contracts, and/or thousands of vendor assessments for your subcontractors/suppliers or clients. Also available to RPOs/C3PAOs/RPs/Assessors - start assessing today.

Current clients include large research universities (University of Texas, UC Berkeley, Virginia Tech), state agencies, and the USAF. Available to AF/DoD clients through existing SBIR, STTR and CSO contracts.