ATS Consulting Group Corp

ATS Consulting Group Corp is an IT consulting firm who specializes in CMMC Level 1-3 and NIST 800 171 Compliance (NIST 800 171 Scoring).   We provide NIST 800 171 / CMMC Level 1-3 readiness assessments and gap analysis. We will work with your team to formulate a plan of action, remediate any compliance gaps, and develop a System Security Plan (SSP) prior to an official assessment being scheduled with a C3PAO.


ATS’s team is experienced in preparing organizations for NIST 800 171 and CMMC Level 1-3 assessments. CMMC certification readiness and preparation are the most arduous part of the certification process. We can guide your organization through this process in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


In addition to NIST 800 171 and CMMC consulting, we also provide internal and external vulnerability scans as well as physical security solutions such as security surveillance, door access, and burglar alarm systems.


At ATS we are your trusted partner in cybersecurity and compliance. We help you manage your cybersecurity compliance so that you can focus on your business.