BizCom Global LLC

BizCom Global is an authorized CMMC-AB RPO with the experience, team, and tools necessary to guide and support DoD prime or subcontractors preparing for a formal CMMC Level 1-3 Assessment.

Our team has over 100 years in the IT and Cybersecurity industry. We will be your trusted advisor to help guide you through this complicated process as painlessly as possible, while relieving much of your technical burden.  Our process is designed to understand and capture your specific needs against CMMC requirements and create a plan to address any gaps while streamlining preparation for your CMMC Assessment. 

Where is your company on the CMMC compliance path right now?

Whether you’re just starting out and not sure where to go, already partway to having good cyber hygiene and processes but need to address some gaps, or you feel ready for your CMMC assessment and just need to finalize things, we can help your company towards a CMMC maturity level accreditation. Examples of the activities we support include:

  • Scoping Exercise & Definition
  • Develop Processes & Practices
  • Gap Assessment & Analysis
  • Remediation Plan & Implementation
  • Pre-Assessment Readiness Review
  • Gather & Document Objective Evidence

We build long-term relationships, working closely with your company and staff. Business partners are key - that's why we're selective when it comes to client selection, as are you. We want to give you the attention and CMMC guidance that you deserve.

Why use us?

BizCom Global is an IT, Cybersecurity, Cloud & Managed Services Provider (CSP/MSP) with 18 years providing services and acting as a trusted advisor for small to medium sized businesses in multiple fields. We’ve been in your shoes – our staff understand the challenges of owning and running a small to midsized business, especially dealing with government contracts and regulations. We specialize in negotiating and balancing between business needs and productivity, IT & managed services, cybersecurity, compliance and regulatory issues.

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