Blue Mantle Technology

BMT has a proven track record of providing knowledge and expertise to its government customers by facilitating the deployment of secure, mission critical information systems that meet FISMA Risk Management Framework (RMF) standards, as proven through the rigorous Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process.

BMTs vast experience in the DoD sphere has provided us with a unique appreciation for the vital role a proper and thorough implementation of robust cybersecurity planning and practices play in the commercial world. Our services are born out of securing some of the most targeted information systems in the world. BMT scales and tailors the demanding standards of the DoD and applies them to the needs of the commercial realm.

BMT experts leverage their experience and knowledge providing lifecycle cybersecurity support to our DoD customers to meet the needs of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) for the implementation of the CMMC framework and all associated controls and frameworks, including NIST 800-171.  Our work supporting our government customers providing both integration and assessment support has given us unique insight into both the control requirements as well as sound implementation practices.

BMT is a Small Business industry leader in cybersecurity services. Whether it is small business network security or our National Defense, we provide solutions that keep our customers and their information safe.