BRG Investigations, LLC

BRG Government Contracts and Cyber Operations & Incident Response practices are an integrated team of professionals experienced in cybersecurity, incident response, government contracting, and technology risk who are able to help companies be in alignment and in compliance with the CMMC by taking advantage of BRG’s extensive knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity, NIST SP 800-171 and the CMMC requirements.

Our team includes former federal law enforcement cyber investigators, computer scientists, and other industry-recognized professionals who have conceived and led some of the most significant cyber operations of the internet era, including the investigation and arrests the leadership of the prolific “hacktivist” groups Anonymous and LulzSec and the notorious Silk Road dark web marketplace. We leverage our years of experience responding to and investigating complex and sophisticated cyber incidents—and their deep knowledge of how cyber criminals operate—to identify, prioritize, and remediate weaknesses before they can be exploited.

We focus on building a detailed understanding of an organization’s business objectives, technology infrastructure, and data, and the risks and threats specifically associated with that environment. Leveraging BRG’s cyber security expertise and years of experience supporting government contractors, our team can work with you to develop strategy to prioritize and respond to any issues identified.