Burke Consortium Incorporated

As business owners, we understand the cost of CMMC compliance and its impact on G&A and Overhead accounts and the consequences on busness competitivess and profitability.

- We note the professional tendency of industry experts to optimize cybersecurity solutions without due regard for impact on the product and service lines of the business.

- That is why we tailor our approach for the business of our clients.

- With a long record of successfully instantiating compliance at all deliberate speed at an affordable cost.

- Our focus is to provide cybersecurity as an inherent feature of your company, while optimizing cost and enhancing product and service lines of business.

We accept work from enlightened clients who value superb performance at a reasonable cost and seek to integrate cybersecurity in its optimal role to provide an appropriate balance for the business.

- We seek realistic clients who understand that cybersecurity is a necessary feature and cost of doing business to remain viable, but also consider it an investment and an asset that increases competitiveness and promotes confidence among your prospective clients.

- We seek clients who want to make their business secure at all deliberate speed, at an affordable cost.

We have a long-standing reputation for helping our clients become and remain secure through institutionalizing processes, methods, and technologies.

- With a focus on discipline, attention to detail, and organizational maturation.

- We are a FedRAMP 3PAO authorized to assess Federal Government Cloud Services.

- Our methodologies are appraised at CMMI-DEV-Level4, CMMI-SVC-Level 3for maturity of service delivery and ISO 9001:2018 for quality.

- We are an accredited independent conformity assessment body in cybersecurity, accredited to the ISO 17020:2012 standard.

Connect with us at fedcloud@bcinow.com or www.bcinow.com