Cando Wango

Cando is a Seasoned Technology Visionary with experience encompassing several layers of the business and technology landscape. He has worked in traditional technology and non-tradition technology roles of corporate and non-profit sectors. He has a consistent proven record of delivering successful business and technology outcomes with an established strategy of team building.

Some key accomplishments in Cando’s career noted within his experience are: from 2006 to 2012, Cando was instrumental player in transforming Non-Profit 501c3 organizations using a Microsoft funded MSP named NPower to predefine an infrastructure model built with resilience, reliability and support using local youth from underserved communities. This model was further enhanced by donations from key corporate sector vendors such as Cisco, Symantec and Microsoft to name a few.

In 2001 to 2006, Cando was an instrumental part of an International refugee relief organization that supported American values throughout war zones and non-democratic societies enhance their IT organization to support international electronic communication along with varying enhancements of technology solutions in the states.

Most recently from 2016 to present, Cando has enabled many different companies and organizations start to create security focused strategies to facilitate a robust posture to defend against the threats of today.

Cando Holds Many Industry recognized certification in many recognized technologies, including ITIL, CMNA, NSE3, Dell Storage, Dell Server, Barracuda, and Microsoft just to name a few.

In Cando’s spare time he enjoys attending many types of technology conferences and is an avid reader of most security and technology related material.