Canfield Consulting Group

Canfield Cyberdefense Group (CCG) is a Certified Third-Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO), and we developed solutions based on the world's most comprehensive intelligent AI platform, as well as developing solutions to meet, benefit from, substantially simplify, and reduce the cost of CMMC Certification pre-assessment, audit and certification to meet compliance requirements.

CCG developed a patent-pending all-in-one cognitive learning, a humanoid Cybersecurity software product called “CheckMate” that will prevent hacking within any network. CheckMate is designed to utilize for CMMC NIST 800- 171, CMMC L3 level pre-assessment, your origination's CMMC compliance all-time with real-time continuous monitoring, and Vulnerability Scanning + Pen-testing capabilities.

The All in one AI software product is providing the following capabilities:

  • Cybersecurity insider threat detection and prevention in fifteen minutes and risk management software solution 
  • Forensic Analysis, SIEM solution, Insider Threat Network real-time monitoring and deep packet inspections 
  • Vulnerability Scanning + Pen-testing + Red Team exercise with zero impact on the network.
  • Phen.AI's Sophisticated analytic and Threat Hunting abilities that detect based on knowing the rules and understanding of protocols, network operations, and computer/IoT/etc operation. 
  • NetFlow allows for a 100% view of the network, preventing hidden and dark spots for the bad actors to gain a beachhead and hide.