Centre Technologies

Centre Technologies is a full-service IT consulting and managed services provider headquartered in Texas. As a trusted IT partner for well over a decade, Centre is recognized for its local experience and enterprise-grade cloud and cybersecurity solutions. Centre is committed to helping organizations harness the power of technology to maximize their operational efficiency and exceed their goals. 


IT Solutions for Government Institutions

Delivering Cost-Effective and Reliable Technology for All Levels of Government

Our experienced IT consultants design, implement, and maintain innovative technologies so local and state government agencies can:

  • Utilize secure and compliant technology solutions that reduce operational downtime
  • Improve daily operations with economic and efficient  IT strategies
  • Access to competitive Prime Contracts for Texas DIR customers

Learn more at https://www.centretechnologies.com/industries/government.


IT Consulting

Organizations of all sizes struggle to find the bandwidth and specific expertise needed to integrate new technologies. Centre’s experienced consultants utilize specialized experience and a proven methodology to ensure on-time project completion and empower your goals.

  • Comprehensive project scoping with full transparency and proactive solutions
  • Dedicated team of project managers and technical experts invested in exceeding your goals
  • Highly certified IT expertise and enterprise-grade technologies that adhere to industry best practices

Learn more at https://www.centretechnologies.com/consulting.


Employee Security Awareness

Proactively enhance your security posture and avoid cybersecurity threats with:

  • Managed training curriculum tailored to both the employee and compliance requirements
  • Simulated email phishing campaigns to improve and practice employee response
  • Visibility and reporting to prioritize, track, and advance security posture

Learn more at https://www.centretechnologies.com/solutions/security-awareness-training.  


Security Advisory

Expand your security expertise with Chief Security Officer (CSO)-level consulting to continuously identify vulnerability blind spots and gain customized remediation recommendations, including policy and procedure guidance.

  • Gain a tailored cybersecurity blueprint
  • Minimize risks of ransomware and cyber threats
  • Enhance security policies and regulatory compliance
  • Continuously improve your security posture with security maturity reviews

 Learn more at https://www.centretechnologies.com/solutions/security-advisory


Security Scanning

Comprehensive and frequent scanning that blueprints a path for stronger security posture by:

  • Rigorously tracking assets and workloads to identify blind spots
  • Prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities across your entire environment
  • Correcting misconfigurations that pose security risks
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Penetration Testing
  • Segmentation Testing 

Learn more at https://www.centretechnologies.com/solutions/security-scanning.  


SOCaaS Threat Containment

Layered protections that enhance security posture by going beyond alerts, stopping threats in their tracks and isolating networks, endpoint devices and cloud environments in real time.

  • Vigilant threat containment aligned to critical data and workloads
  • Threat remediation guidance, support and verification
  • Human-driven threat hunting based on threat characteristic trends
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Network Detection and Response (NDR)
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Cloud Detection and Response (CDR)

Learn more at https://www.centretechnologies.com/solutions/security-containment.  


Secure Microsoft 365

Get the most secure package with the highest productivity at the lowest cost. Centre's team of Microsoft experts help you fully utilize the benefits of 365 and minimize the risk with:

  • Advance Threat Protection (ATP) included across ALL plans
  • Increased savings and flexibility by avoiding annual billing
  • Certified assistance in taking advantage of all Microsoft 365 features

Learn more at https://www.centretechnologies.com/solutions/microsoft-365.  


Microsoft Azure

Get the most from Azure cloud computing services with added expertise, control and visibility. Centre's team of Microsoft experts are here to help you successfully navigate your cloud journey with:

  • Innovative and secure by default deployment
  • Minimized expenses and cloud sprawl prevention
  • Insightful reporting based on your unique cloud design

Learn more at https://www.centretechnologies.com/solutions/microsoft-azure


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