Coretek Inc.

Coretek is a United States-based organization specializing in comprehensive IT security, technical consulting, complete managed services, and a full breadth of Azure cloud services.

Coretek supports commercial, government, defense industrial base, critical infrastructure, and industries requiring high security and compliance. Coretek also delivers advisory and remediation services in security, compliance, and IT (Information Technology).

As a trusted Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, Coretek has deep experience administering Azure assessments, executing highly-secure Azure migrations, GCC (Government Community Cloud), and GCC High Microsoft 365 migrations.


Coretek is an advisory, consulting, and complete managed services provider for IT and security. Coretek provides technical IT and security consulting services as well security and compliance advisory services.

  1. Cloud /data center practice
    1. Assess, design, secure, migrate and manage cloud services
    2. Cloud security and security posture management
    3. Cloud compliance advisory and services
    4. Secure .gov cloud migrations
    5. Certified Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider
    6. Customer data center technology lifecycle & management
    7. Server & data systems management
    8. Network & Security Infrastructure implementation and management
    9. Backup, Recovery, DR (Disaster Recovery)
    10. Data loss prevention
  2. Secure User Workspace
    1. User security, access, and identity solutions and management
    2. User physical and virtual desktop device security and management
  3. Advisory practice
    1. Security and compliance
    2. Technical architecture and assessment
    3. IT strategy roadmap
    4. Incident response
  4. DevOps
    1. CI/CD pipeline design
    2. Development resources