CyberDI protects your organization's data and the United States global supply chain.  As a mission driven company, we strive to provide the best content, training, consulting and applications to the CMMC community.

  1. Licenced Partner Publisher (LPP): CMMC Certified published content and materials
  2. Licenced Training Provider (LTP): Training for CMMC Certified Professionals and CMMC Certified Assessors
  3. Registered Provider Organization (RPO): CMMC Consulting to provide organizations with gap analysis and remediation plans
  4. CMMC Assessment & Accreditation App (a3): Web-based tool for CMMC Collaboration

Licenced Partner Publisher: CyberDI's courses, textbooks, videos, and training guides are crafted by the world's premier educational psychologists, instructional designers, and cybersecurity subject matter experts.  All of our learning materials undergo rigorous validation and piloting studies conducted by outside third party organizations who make the data publicly available.
Licenced Training Provider:  CMMC training utilizing CyberDI’s premier courses and content. All implementers and assessors who participate will gain key insights and readiness for certification exams.  We provide online, face to face, and hybrid classes in training centers across the country.
CMMC Consulting: CyberDI’s assessors provide consulting services around gap analysis, remediation planning and self assessment preparation in order to meet current federal guidelines and prepare for future CMMC requirements.
CMMC Assessment & Accreditation App (a3): Consistent CMMC evaluations in an intuitive web-based application focused on CyberDataOps. a3 allows Organizations, Consultants and C3PAOs to collaborate on CMMC in a shared environment.  We utilize existing AI and machine learning models to leverage intelligence in your cyber data and identify threats.

University Partners:

  • Southern Connecticute State University: CONNECTICUT
  • Metro State University Denver: COLORADO
  • Emory University: GEORGIA
  • Capitol Technology University: MARYLAND