Cyberfox Security Consulting, LLC

Why Cyberfox Security?                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Our experts have been in this industry for over 25 years, and include Air Force veterans, who have worked with DoD and the US Intelligence Community, and have advised many defense contractors to include ACS Defense Inc., Lockheed Martin Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., and several Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) in the areas of cybersecurity and compliance with DoD and Intelligence Community Directives and standards such as ICD 503, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, and others.  We know how government auditors and assessors interpret directives and standards, what they are looking for and the best way to prepare for audits because we have served in these capacitis.  You can trust the knowledge and experience that we bring to your table.  In addition, we are a CMMC 2.0 Registered Provider Organization (RPO) with CMMC 2.0 Registered Practitioners (CP) and CISSPs on staff.

Our Gap Assessment Deliverables Include (required by DoD)

• Gap Assessment Report of Findings.
• System Security Plan (SSP).
• Tailored Plan of Actions and Milestones.
• Supplier Performance Risk Score (SPRS).