Cyber Security Operations (CyberSecOp LLC)

Our CMMC Compalince and Cyber Security Services shield your enterprise against cyber threats and strengthen your cybersecurity defenses. You can depend on us to provide comprehensive CMMC Information and Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS) and Solutions. Our CMMC readiness & cybersecurity consulting service protects you from cyber criminals in myriad ways, from implementing a CMMC cyber security program, which include a CMMC written information security program and CMMC cybersecurity readiness assessment, to offering the best-in-class cybersecurity consulting and IT security solutions which can be managed by our managed security services. CyberSecOp is an CMMC-AB RPO and ISO 27001 Certified Organization - join thousands of businesses by putting your security in our hands.



CyberSecOp has created a suite of advisory services to help organizations effectively plan and prepare for an official CMMC assessment:

CMMC Scoping Workshop – determine the type of data and the required CMMC maturity level needed. Identify how data is received, stored, shared and handled on all information systems.

CMMC Gap Analysis – identify discrepancies between current state and CMMC maturity levels as determined in the scoping workshop. The CMMC Gap Analysis will provide areas of weakness that need to be targeted to reach the desired maturity level.

 CMMC Remediation Strategy –assist the organization with remediation efforts, including resolving discrepancies identified in the CMMC Gap Analysis and creating a strategic plan for remediation. This process may include security control testing, polices, procedures and plan creation to close all known gaps related to the desired maturity level. 

VCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) – CyberSecOp provides a board-level security expert backed by a team of professionals to ensure continuous compliance and maintain the maturity level as threats, infrastructure and business objectives evolve. Services include the following.

  • CMMC Compliance Advisory Consulting Services

  • CMMC Readiness Assessment 

  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Assessment

  • Ransomware Response

  • Forensic Analysis

  • 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • CMMC Cyber Security Consulting

  • CMMC Cybersecurity RP, RPO

  • CMMC Incident Response & Incident Management

  • CMMC Security Assessment

  • Cyber Security Security Awareness

  • CMMC CUI Data Loss Prevention 


About CyberSecOp

Cyber Security Operations Consulting (CyberSecOp) is an innovative cybersecurity firm, providing consultants and managed security services to empower businesses since 2001. Our IT & cybersecurity consulting services protect you from cyber criminals in myriad ways. From implementing individualized Cyber Security Programs, which include written Information Security Programs, Incident Response Policies and Plans, and Cybersecurity Assessments, to offering the best-in-class cybersecurity consulting, tools, and IT security solutions, we do it all.

CyberSecOp is an CMMC-AB RPO & ISO 27001 Certified Organization - join thousands of businesses by putting your security in our hands. For more information about CyberSecOp and CMMC, contact us at 866-973-2677, or visit: