Redspin is the authority in helping organizations become cyber-ready. Many Fortune 500 and leading growth companies turn to Redspin’s security team to improve their cyber readiness and resiliency. Redspin analyzes where security programs are today and helps evolve these programs, creating needed safeguards to protect against the ever-changing threat landscape, through Redspin’s assess, build, manage, and validate methodology.


As an Licensed Training Provider (LTP), Redspin is approved to offer training to those companies and individuals intending to become CMMC-AB certified. Highly engaging course content is taught by CMMC certified trainers and registered practitioners who provide insightful guidance on your journey to becoming CMMC-AB certified. Since 2004, Redspin has provided in-person and virtual cybersecurity and privacy training eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU) to individuals in highly regulated industries.