David T. Scott & Associates, LLC

David T. Scott & Associates, LLC (DTS) has a strong background in consulting and government contracting, and thorough knowledge of CMMC requirements, DTS is the ideal partner for companies who may have little or no IT and cybersecurity expertise on staff or may have their needs handled by an outside IT company. Our objective assessment and remediation services look at cybersecurity and network practices with an eye for improvement and operational efficiency.

Our Readiness Review assesses the specific practices required for compliance at the desired Maturity Level. We work with our clients, explaining each practice and detailing what an assessor will require. Our Report helps inform justifications during a CMMC audit, identifies any gaps in your practices, provides recommended remediation steps, and keeps clients informed and compliant with quarterly updates. We can even provide best-practice policy templates.

Our process features:

  • Speed: Get an appointment and get started. Our review and report process – up to ML-3 – only takes about two weeks to return actionable answers about CMMC compliance readiness.
  • Confidence: DTS has been at the forefront of CMMC since it was introduced in 2019. We follow the RPO Code of Ethics and work directly with the DoD to stay on top of the latest compliance developments and requirements, passing along tips and updates to our clients.
  • Experience: Our cybersecurity assessors are CISSP-certified, the gold standard in the industry, and have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of CMMC practices.

For organizations that have already conducted a gap analysis or have determined they need to fully implement a compliant network architecture, DTS offers remediation support for all types of network environments. Organizations that need to quickly and cost-effectively configure their network and are comfortable with cloud technology should contact DTS to discuss the quick configuration offering, keeping in mind maturity will still be required.