Digital Beachhead

The term Digital Beachhead was coined by the Co-Founder/CEO in 2005 on a Military Performance Report and later used in 2008 by United States Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III in reference to an intrusion into Department of Defense Information Systems. He said "That code spread undetected on both classified and unclassified systems, establishing what amounted to a digital beachhead, from which data could be transferred to servers under foreign control".  Unlike traditional “Beachheads” which have a specific point of presence the “Digital Beachhead” is everywhere Information Technology exists.    

Digital Beachhead Inc is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business as defined by the Small Business Administration. We seek to build customer trust and corporate value by delivering Information Technology (IT) and Consulting Services Solutions in inventive economical ways. This is accomplished by maintaining high personal and professional standards in service, reliability, innovation and cost control for our customers.  Our goal is to provide the right services at the right price, at the right time while implementing an open, sharing corporate culture. We will enable our customer’s success through competitive pricing, tailored solutions, and interactive relationships.
Digital Beachhead provides full-spectrum IT Services either at the customer’s location or off-site.  The services we provide include: IT Operations and Maintenance, IT Consulting Services,Integration Services, Information Assurance / Cyber Security, Network Monitoring, and Cloud services planning and implementation.
We have extensive experience within the Federal market space with a long and personal history supporting the Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies. Our commitment to the customer is to satisfy requirements after establishing a strong rapport and relationship which facilitates the exchange of technical information leading to a solid implementation of the final technical solution.