DoD Security LLC.

DoD Security, LLC has been formed to specially handle the needs of our current Clients for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Compliance. Our CMMC and Managed Network Services (MNS) Solution is not an offering that the General Public can procure from us. It is specifically restricted to just IsI current Managed Security Service (MSS) Clients.

After working with different vendors for CMMC compliance and conducting market research, the conclusion was made that the solutions on the open market are not up to our exceptional standards and our Clients’ needs. This led us to expand our business model and develop our own solution that would work best for our Clients.

The goal of DoD Security, LLC is to mirror the IsI MSS structure and share resources, leverage vendors, and streamline operations to make sure our Clients can financially meet the CMMC requirements and continue to conduct business with the United States Government.