Echelon Risk LLC

Echelon was born with a purpose, the belief that security and privacy are basic human rights.

We founded our firm on the idea that cybersecurity isn’t something that a professional services firm can dabble in. The threats we face are constantly evolving and that calls for experts that place their full focus on the problem with full organizational support. Cybersecurity, privacy and technology risk present major threats that disrupt our way of life. We take this personally and see it as our calling to stem the tide. We are all in.

We offer a suite of services such as:

- Offensive Security & Testing

- Audits, Assessments & Compliance


- Defensive Security

Our Service Delivery Model:

ASSESS: Understand the current state of your cybersecurity and technology risk posture through tailored assessments designed specifically for your organization, by our team of experts.

COMPLY: Provide organizational stakeholders, business leaders and customers peace of mind by demonstrating an effective security and technology risk posture through unbiased and independent assessments. Our experts will help you and your organization cut through the complexity of cybersecurity standards, frameworks and regulations through efficient and effective risk management exercises.

BUILD: Enhance or augment your current cybersecurity and technology risk capabilities by partnering with our experts to help you engineer solutions to your biggest risk areas, build processes that make improvements sustainable and provide overall enhanced organizational cybersecurity maturity.