Gary Cunningham

A proven Information Technology (IT) professional with experience in nearly all facets of IT, from home offices to worldwide enterprises. I am passionate about IT and how it enables better communication and productivity in all areas of businesses. I consider myself old school IT in that instead of just finding a fix I want to fully understand the what/why/when/where/how of problems, so I can prevent them in the future, not just fix them as they occur. I strive to document and monitor all areas under my influence so I can be proactive in predicting and preventing problems or quickly resolve any situation when one does occur.

My consulting background has allowed me to gain experience in a wide array of products/technologies/standards/practices. Due to needing to meet many different needs for clients in many different industries, I am able to quickly learn and implement new ideas/technologies/whatever with minimal disruption to the client, performing work as needed to avoid downtime. My corporate experience showed and taught me the challenges that companies face such as adopting industry standards, budgeting and ROI/fiscal accountability, developing/handling numerous vendor relations, real world project management, network/data security and protection, high availability, PCI/HIPPA/etc. and many other areas too numerous to list.

By working in both the IT services industry and also within and leading teams in the corporate environment, I have been able to strengthen the areas they overlap, most notably in process streamlining, teamwork, communications, and documentation. Information Technology touches every area of business so focusing only on IT learning does not truly benefit the company as a whole. I believe the breadth and depth of my experience gives me a unique skill set that benefits my employer, in all of the normal expected ways but also, due to my background, in ways not normally associated with standard IT employees.