Giancarlo Osorio | Hyper Vigilance

Before co-founding Hyper Vigilance, Giancarlo rose through the ranks to GS-15 in the Department of Defense. He managed over $150M in contracts and brought software development lifecycle expertise to a $750M Clinical and Logistics Information System portfolio, comprising over 140 applications for the largest global healthcare system. His specialty is continuously improving systems and solving problems that no one else can.

Giancarlo began his career at the age of 15, building databases and data-mining programs at a Fortune 500 company. He later joined the Army for what would become one of the greatest challenges of his life. At age 19, he was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a heavy machine gunner with over 150 missions logged in the heart of the Sunni Triangle, Giancarlo was responsible for the safety of high-value assets and training the Iraqi Special Police. Giancarlo received numerous commendations and awards before sustaining physical injuries during combat operations, resulting in his medical retirement in 2013.

First is nothing new for Giancarlo. He is a first-generation immigrant and first-generation college graduate. At Penn State, he earned his Industrial Engineering degree and met his wife. Now he enjoys weekends with his wife and two young daughters, playing practical jokes and improving his golfing game.