Giga-Green Technologies, Inc.

Giga-Green Technologies was formed in 2016 with the philosophy of "Enterprise IT for Any Size Business." What is Enterprise IT? 

Enterprise Information Technology solutions are traditionally only available to large organizations which can afford the cost of implementation and management of the solutions. With the emergence of cloud solutions, any business can utilize scalable and affordable Enterprise IT solutions including e-mail, security, productivity and collaboration software products.

We are heavily focused on the Microsoft solution stack as their technologies are built with FEDRAMP and CMMC compliance in mind. We are a Gold Productivity and Security Microsoft partner that has implemented secure Office 365 platforms and Azure based-infrastructure to optimize your environment and unlock security solution capabilities. 

We specialize in Office 365/Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migrations to move your organization into the Government Community Cloud, which is FEDRAMP HIGH approved for CMMC organizations. When configuring the new environment, we utilize the breadth of the Enterprise Mobility and Security solutions from Microsoft to secure your new environment with Multifactor authentication, Intune deployments for MDM/MAM, BYOD policy and implementations, Data-loss prevention strategies, advanced e-mail filtering and phishing tools, cloud based Single-sign-on, and enhanced security configurations to ensure CMMC compliance. 

Our skillset has also made us leaders in divestment strategies to silo your critical data to a new environment or leverage your existing environment to build a hybrid architecture that protects your current investments while opening doors the latest security solutions available.

Reach out today to begin your CMMC Maturation and build your organizational history for your upcoming CMMC audit!