GoldSky Security, LLC

As a full-service cyber security solutions firm that caters exclusively to small to midsize businesses, GoldSky was one of the very first companies to foresee the urgent need that SMBs would have for increased cybersecurity protection and compliance standards. 

Our team of veteran technologists — all of whom have both architecture and compliance expertise — are always on the cutting edge of the latest cybersecurity threats, as well as hyper-aware of the unique challenges you face as a small to midsize business.

Challenges that include…

  • Needing good cybersecurity practices...but not knowing what those are or how to implement them effectively
  • Not having formal plans, policies, and procedures in place
  • Never having had a third-party security risk assessment performed (but are now being requested to do so ASAP)
  • Never having budgeted for cybersecurity expenses
  • Worrying that good cybersecurity practices are too expensive and/or time-consuming
  • Not being able to validate to your current clients — or new large, prospective clients — that you meet their compliance standards 

At GoldSky, we help you overcome these challenges with services that are custom-designed to educate, transform, and protect your business from cyber threats. 

We not only identify the IT security vulnerabilities that put you at risk for cyber attacks, malware threats, and data theft — but we also provide the professional resources necessary to remediate those risks, as well as optimize your cybersecurity management and compliance to protect you in the future.

With the proper cybersecurity and compliance standards in place…

  • You’ll have the peace of mind to know you’re doing everything you can to protect your business and your customers against the ever-growing and changing threats of cybercrime
  • And be as up-to-date as possible on the compliance and privacy standards that are necessary to secure bigger clients and seize new opportunities for business growth