Gregory Crabb

Gregory Crabb is a Principal Consultant for SideChannel and founder of 10-8. Via SideChannel, Greg specializes in supporting organizations who need CISO advice to protect their digital assets. SideChannel offers CISO & advisory services to the C suite, their boards, and those accountable for security across their operations or their products.

10-8 applies best in class processes developed in collaboration with academia to help organizations recover from cyber incidents, define cybersecurity strategy, assess security maturity, lead improvement projects and obtain security certifications, such as CMMC.

As an early practitioner of Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute Resilience Management Model, Greg Crabb developed proven methods to deliver resilient and secure national critical infrastructure. For six years, as Postal Service CISO, he applied these methods to protect its technology and information assets against nation state threats; including the protection of military mail and the 2020 US elections. Independent of organization size and technology stack, these process improvement methods assure secure, resilient and compliant systems. Carnegie Mellon used the underlying model as the basis of the new Defense Industrial Base’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMM) Certification. Greg has led the training of nearly 500 information security professionals in these methods. You can depend on Greg’s twenty five year law enforcement, risk management and cyber security leadership to help you apply these methods in incident response, strategy, assessment, improvement and certification.

Ask how you may benefit from applying these proven methods to assure your resilience and risk management needs.