Gregory Reitz

Workplace Challenges:  Businesses today have unique stressors on their existing strategic plans - such as:

  • Evolving cybersecurity regulations (such as CMMC for the Department of Defense supply chain)
  • Hybrid workplace models to address remote workers
  • Complex technology choices
  • Breaking down department silos
  • Emergence of new competitors 

How companies handle these challenges and opportunities today will drive their competitiveness and performance for years to come. 

How We Can Help: My consulting company, R20 Consulting, has the skills and experiences needed to solve these strategic challenges and enhance bottom-line business performance.   We design and implement technology and security strategies that drive the desired business performance, help companies attain and ensure compliance so they don't risk loss of contracts,  and operationalize changes that they may not have the resources or capacity to make.

 R20 Consulting is founded on the belief that Digital Strategies Drive Purposeful Change.