Hyper Vigilance

Meet Hyper Vigilance

Hyper Vigilance was founded by two military Service-Disabled Veterans with extensive experience in the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Department of State and private industry. We built Hyper Vigilance upon one primary mission: to deliver high-quality, effective cybersecurity and compliance solutions at an affordable cost. We provide thorough, effective, and cost-efficient security and information technology solutions, as well as managed support services, to help your business become secure and compliant with NIST 800-171 and CMMC.

Our team of 31 consists of many former personnel from the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense. We currently support clients globally. We still carry the tenants and values we learned in our years of military service—integrity, excellence, service, and mission—throughout all aspects of Hyper Vigilance. We relentlessly focus on delivering enterprise capabilities with our industry-leading practices and highly scalable approach. 

Meet the Founders

The founders of Hyper Vigilance, John Harrison and Giancarlo Osorio, have over 40 years of combined experience in the security and information technology industry. 

John Harrison is the co-founder and CEO of Hyper Vigilance. He is responsible for enabling the consistent delivery, execution, and evolution of Hyper Vigilance’s cybersecurity and compliance services by establishing and maintaining best practices that leverage the combined expertise of the company’s cybersecurity professionals. 

John has more than 20 years of experience in the security industry, including incident response, penetration testing, and standing up large and small security operation centers. Prior to starting Hyper Vigilance, John led and consulted on the cyber threat hunting and intelligence operations for the U.S. Department of State and the National Nuclear Security Administration, successfully securing infrastructure and systems in more than 256 consulates and embassies as well as nuclear security infrastructure around the world. He has also consulted in various capacities with large private sector manufacturing and financial institutions. 

John is a combat service-disabled veteran who served eight years in the US Marine Corps as an intelligence operator and foreign military combat trainer. He has a B.S. in Criminal Law from Park University, an MBA from Georgetown, and a SANS GIAC certified incident handler and compliance assessor. John enjoys volunteering his time with fellow veterans and adults who aspire to become cybersecurity professionals.

Before co-founding Hyper Vigilance, Giancarlo rose through the ranks to GS-15 in the Department of Defense. He managed over $150M in contracts and brought software development lifecycle expertise to a $750M Clinical and Logistics Information System portfolio, comprising over 140 applications for the largest global healthcare system. His specialty is continuously improving systems and solving problems that no one else can.

Giancarlo began his career at the age of 15, building databases and data-mining programs at a Fortune 500 company. He later joined the Army for what would become one of the greatest challenges of his life. At age 19, he was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a heavy machine gunner with over 150 missions logged in the heart of the Sunni Triangle, Giancarlo was responsible for the safety of high-value assets and training the Iraqi Special Police. Giancarlo received numerous commendations and awards before sustaining physical injuries during combat operations, resulting in his medical retirement in 2013.

First is nothing new for Giancarlo. He is a first-generation immigrant and first-generation college graduate. At Penn State, he earned his Industrial Engineering degree and met his wife. Now he enjoys weekends with his wife and two young daughters, playing practical jokes and improving his golfing game.

Our Story

The Hyper Vigilance story began when colleagues in the defense industry began approaching us for assistance with NIST 800-171 compliance, as well as constructing and implementing their System Security Plans. With the even more stringent CMMC requirements on the horizon, our clients were acutely aware that the self-attestation compliance model that was in place would no longer be acceptable. 

“Can you fix this?” was a question we were invariably asked after we completed their NIST-171 assessments and System Security Plans. Recognizing that these sweeping new regulations would impact over 300,000 DIB contractors, we formed Hyper Vigilance. 

Hyper Vigilance’s first client, who remains a client today, was a medium-sized business with over $100 million in yearly revenue. The organization placed a tremendous amount of trust and confidence in us, for which we will be forever grateful. It is our stated mission to continue to earn the same level of trust and confidence from all of our clients. 

In today’s digital world, protecting online assets is critical. And with cyber threat actors becoming increasingly clever each day, putting advanced security measures in place has never been more important. We strive to provide a simple, affordable, and scalable set of solutions that make it easy for companies to comply quickly and safeguard their digital property. Long story short, we are eager to serve our clients, and we have the tools and experience to deliver on our promises.