Infosec Institute, Inc.

Official CMMC-AB LTP & LPP

Infosec is both an official CMMC-AB LTP and LPP. CMMC-specific training offerings include:

Following approval from CMMC-AB, Infosec will add an additional Certified Assessor Level 1 Boot Camp and Certified Assessor Level 3 Boot Camp to its catalog of over 100 cybersecurity boot camps. Like the Certified Professional Boot Camp, these additional boot camps will provide several days of live, instructor-led training and CMMC-AB-certified course materials alongside on-demand access to 1,200+ cybersecurity training resources inside Infosec Skills. Learn more about Infosec’s CMMC curriculum and boot camp schedule.

What students are saying

“Infosec’s CCP Boot Camp is well-structured and includes access to one of the best field manuals I’ve seen,” said Infosec CCP Boot Camp student and Progeny Systems’ IT Group Manager, Kenneth Hunter. “The class size is effective and everyone is encouraged to participate, helping us all answer important CMMC assessment questions — even when those answers are not always obvious.”

Upskill and get certified with Infosec Skills boot camps

Infosec Skills boot camps are engineered to match the way today’s cybersecurity professionals prefer to learn. In addition to days of live training from an experienced pro, you’ll get unlimited access to 100s of additional hands-on cybersecurity courses and cyber ranges to help you advance your skills before, during and after your boot camp.

Whether you're needing to upskill yourself or your entire team, Infosec’s award-winning training provides the resources and guidance you need to stay ahead of the latest technology changes, business requirements and cyber threats.

Infosec Skills provides you and your team the resources needed to:

  • Get certified and stay certified — with 100s of boot camps and continuing education credits opportunities
  • Assess and fill your team’s skill gaps — with easy-to-use team management tools, custom training assignments and immersive team boot camps
  • Build and validate in-demand cybersecurity skills — with role-based learning paths mapped to the NICE Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity
  • Learn by doing — with hands-on projects, assessments and cloud-hosted labs