Ingalls Information Security, LLC

Ingalls Information Security has been helping our clients manage cyber risk since 2010. We have grown by valuing three things above all else: helpfulness, the evolution of our capabilities, and teamwork. We offer four business lines of service: Consulting, Testing, Managed Detection & Response, and Incident Response.

We've worked with some incredible clients and partners in the years since the firm was founded, and we've seen the cybersecurity market explode into a massive variety of tools and services offerings.  We've also seen the effects of cybercrime, espionage, and worse. All this experience comes from our many engagements on the front lines of fighting hacktivists, organized criminals, and nation-state sponsored groups of advanced threat actors.

Our business and our passion to deliver outstanding cybersecurity risk management is fueled by the information we've gathered and the experience that these types of engagements provide.  We have (in many cases attorney-client) privileged views into the innards of the compromised networks and the Cloud services of businesses and other organizations large and small. We use the knowledge we gain with this view -- of what works and what doesn't, how it happened, and how to fix it -- to provide our clients with the best possible risk management people, process, and technologies at a price point that is affordable by anyone with a need to protect their information.

Our consultants, analysts, and engineers are certified and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in military and defense intelligence, network security, information technology, and cybersecurity solutions. Our people provide us with a leading edge in cyber defense. We build tools that have never existed before, because we know that situational awareness and visibility are crucial components to effective risk management.  We develop processes and audit them to ensure that our scalable solutions provide the same level of quality as we continue to grow. And we continue to evolve our practice of cyber security risk management.

Ingalls is the next generation of cybersecurity service providers; a full-spectrum provider of technology-enabled, integrated services. Each of our service offerings complement one another, to provide a full suite of risk management for cybersecurity.

We offer best-in-class information security solutions suitable for the largest enterprise companies at a price point that is affordable for SMBs. We believe it is important that there are affordable and effective cybersecurity solutions or everyone, whether your organization is a non-profit (which we offer discounts for), higher education, government, or a for-profit corporation.