John Rogers, CISSP®

John is a Senior Information / Cyber Security Advisor at Monarch Information Security Consulting, and an information security professional since 2002, and IT Network Engineer prior to the security focus. John has worked with organizations of all sizes in private and public sectors to create, manage, and oversee comprehensive and effective Information/Cyber security programs. He has also served as dedicated advisor and as a member of committees to the Boards of several organizations in financial, healthcare, DoD Contractor, government, and education sectors. Having written and managed information security programs, and performed hundreds of risk and compliance assessments for community banks/financial services organizations, state agencies, large healthcare systems, medical practices, and other private and public sector organizations, John brings that depth and breadth to every engagement. 

At Monarch Information Security Constulting, we take you beyond the compliance check-box. Our services help you build a resilient organization that is more consistent, predictable, and able to quickly recover from adverse events. We partner with our client organizations. Our business-focused allied approach ensures we will never overlook the success of your business in the security guidance we provide. Cultural integration and people-first perspective ensure buy-in and incorporation of the security program as a business strategy enabler. Plain english translators of cybersecurity and tech language, we will educate as we serve in a approachable and dare we say, enjoyable, way.