John Survant


3wSecurity is a cybersecurity consulting company who helps organizations do business securely over the World Wide Web.  We offer software, services and consulting to companies looking for an affordable and reliable approach to internet security.


Our philosophy is that cybersecurity is a “No Fail” mission, and we must provide the tools and services to protect our client’s digital assets at all costs, as the future of their business often depends on it!


​3wSecurity is one of the few companies pioneering the cybersecurity space of “Attack Surface Management.”  Our solution “The Reconcilor”, provides visibility of a company’s internet facing systems throughout the security life cycle, allowing for a more thorough approach to vulnerability management.


Complementing our premier product “The Reconcilor”, 3wSecurity offers additional services designed to strengthen an organizations internet security practice such as penetration testing and risk assessments, along with technical design and implementation of security solutions.


At 3wSecurity, we believe in taking a risk-based approach to security management, which means focusing on the most important and sensitive aspects of your business, maximizing the return on your security investments.