Johnathan Lightfoot

Small and Medium sized businesses are inundated with new technology. Articles almost scream out that you need to incorporate technology into your business. Unfortunately, often it can become overwhelming as to what you should have and how do you add it into your business with as few disruptions as possible. That is where TechForce comes in. We are your trusted IT Adviser. We keep up with technology and learn about our client's businesses and provide them with advisory, planning, and implementation services. Our goal is to make sure our clients get the technology they need, when they need it, at price points they can handle. We make IT easy!

Who Are We?
Our company is headed by a Navy Veteran. As a veteran of both the US Navy and Microsoft platforms, Johnathan has been fortunate to have his personal and professional life based on a solid foundation of vision and commitment. It is on this foundation that he has built a business and successfully lead our team in an environment of continuous evolution.