About Joy

Joy joined Edwards Performance Solutions in 2020, excited to utilize her cybersecurity assessment background and consulting skills while professionally instructing CMMC-AB approved Certification courses.  Joy holds the CISM from ISACA, the SSAP from SANS, the Carnegie Mellon SEI Certificate for Insider Threat Program Manager as well as Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor, and is currently studying for the CISA from ISACA.  Joy is currently a CMMC-AB Provisional Assessor, Provisional Instructor and Registered Practitioner.  Her personal mission is to protect organizations from cybercrime, whether caused by external or internal threat actors. 

Joy is ready to answer your CMMC questions about certification training, assessment consulting, and more. 

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About Edwards Performance Solutions

Edwards Performance Solutions helps clients increase operational performance by finding ways to improve productivity, profitability, and security. Founded in 1997, Edwards provides innovative solutions to commercial businesses, Government agencies, and non-profit organizations through four core disciplines: Enterprise Management, IT Services, Training & Development, and Cybersecurity.

We ensure operational excellence to drive overall mission success. Edwards’ offerings allow you to select the specific types of services and support you need, with these solutions working together for even greater impact and flexibility.