Kaizen Approach, Inc

Small Business ? CMMC Level 1 or Level 3 ? Look to Kaizen Approach

We are just like you. We are not just another company helping prepare DoD contractors for a CMMC audit: we are a DoD contractor ourselves. We know your business concerns because they are our concerns as a fellow DoD contractor. We speak the same language and understand the challenges you face.

We are experienced with CMMC preparation. We have prepared ourselves for our own CMMC Audit, and in doing so, we learned many valuable lessons and time saving techniques that led us to help other DoD companies get prepared for their CMMC audit. Our business has grown by word of mouth by our satisfied customers.

Don’t let your inability to attain the appropriate CMMC maturity level be a barrier to winning DoD contracts!

We are your CMMC partners. Kaizen’s Security Architects will do more than simply perform a gap assessment and hand you a list of action items. We will partner with you to develop your policies and procedures, assist you with selecting solutions, and aid in the configuration and installation of systems and services. We’ll work with your IT staff or Managed Service Provider to provide exactly what your company needs to prepare for a CMMC Audit.

We focus on small businesses: companies ranging from 1 - 50 employees. Kaizen knows that every company, no matter its size, deserves excellent security.

Contact us for more information and to speak to our past customers. Our work speaks for itself when happy customers refer others to us. Find out what we can do for you.