KAMIND is a Microsoft 365 focused CMMC RPO deployment company, that has the experience and depth of talent to help you successfully meet CMMC requirements for your assessment using Office 365 solutions.

Our Microsoft certifiedfocus team helps you deploy the Microsoft security subscriptions to meet your CMMC requirements.  We also provide your Sec Ops team with Red team/Blue team training in our virtual cyber range.   Our services range from license provision to full mange security solutions using Microsoft technologies and Virtual Security training using Project Ares.   Our solutions range from Office 365 license provisioning (365/GCC/GCCHIGH) to fully managed Azure WVD deployments under our managed security services.  With KAMIND you select the services you need to meet  your mission objectives.

Our services include the following.

  • CMMC Readiness Review 
  • CMMC implementation with Microsoft Security suite
  • Microsoft 365/GCC/GCC-High licenses provisioning
  • Azure WVD Enclave deployments
  • Plan of Action Milestones (POAMs) / System Security Plans (SSP)
  • Cyber Range virtual SecOps training using Project Ares for Red Team/ Blue Team scenarios
  • Cybersecurity Managed Security Services
  • Managed Services Provider

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