Kane Federal Services, Inc.

Kane Federal Services provides both pre-certification assessments and formal certification assessments for US government contractors, with teams which will be led by CMMC-AB Certified Assessors. We help DoD suppliers achieve CMMC certification by evaluating and certifying the controls and environments that protect and store Federal Contract Information (FCI) or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) against the specific Maturity Level (1 through 3) the contractor needs as identified by the procurement opportinuties they are pursuing or teaming for.

At this time (first quarter of CY2022) formal certification assessments are not available while the CMMC-AB is working on the training and certification process for the Certified Assessors. Until then, our primary focus is providing readiness assessments for US government contractors and subcontractors who are proactively planning now to become CMMC certified. That initial assessment can help you understand which of your security practices are already in good shape and which need more work and attention from an implementation perspective. We provide a gap analysis which identifies practices that need a quick fix, like rewriting company policies, as well as a heads up on practices that will require more substantial investments of time and resources. If needed, we can help with the remediation of any findings from the readiness assessment so you're in good shape for your formal certification assessment.

Contact us directly at cmmc@KaneFederalServices.com so we can better understand your needs and timeline.