Kelly Hood

Optic Cyber Solutions is a veteran owned small business headquartered in Maryland.

We understand that cybersecurity should be a business enabler, not a roadblock. We work with organizations across industries to understand the threats and vulnerabilities that will prevent them from reaching their business goals and help them achieve their CMMC maturity requirements.

Optic Cyber Solutions provides services including cybersecurity assessments, implementation support, and advising services. These services focus on incorporating cybersecurity requirements at each stage of building a new capability while still enabling organizations to achieve their business goals.

Kelly Hood, CISSP, assists organizations in implementing cybersecurity and privacy best practices, controls, and standards to manage risks and meet compliance goals. Kelly supports organizations across industries as a CMMC Registered Practitioner (RP) by developing and implementing cybersecurity strategies to help manage the risks to their business.

As a member of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework team, Kelly supported the evolution and outreach of the Cybersecurity Framework through the current version. Additionally, Kelly has been supporting the development and expansion of ISACA's CMMI Cybermaturity Platform (CMMI-CP). The patent-pending approach she helped develop for ISACA translates cybersecurity risk to cybermaturity goals and identifies mitigation strategies to help organizations improve their cybersecurity capabilities.

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