Kris Puthucode

Kris is a Tech. industry executive and entrepreneur since the late 1990s. Kris founded and runs Software Quality Center LLC. ( for over 20+ years now. Software Quality Center LLC., & Kris have been at the forefront of promoting and facilitating adopting best practices across the business lifecycle, for  20+ years. With licenses to offer training, consulting and independent assessments against several of the leading models and standards, such as the BD-CMM for Business Winning (Shipley - Business Winning Institute), ISACA-CMMI(R), SEI-Carnegie Mellon for INSIDER THREAT and CERT products, Kris and his small team of highly sought after professionals specialize in IT, Aerospace, DoD and Federal Government work, and select international US ally country organizations. With several industry accolades and recognitions, including SQC being ranked as among the Top 20 QMS Solution providers by CIO Review in 2019, and among the Top 10 "Global CEO's of Indian origin", Kris has made a notable contribution to facilitating use of best practices for creating lasting culture change in organizations, as opposed to simply bare minimum compliance/regulatory purposes or for hoarding certificates to hang in board rooms.

Kris has academics from Stanford University in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Bachelor's Engineering degree in Computer Science. Kris is a member of the Forbes Tech. Council,  writes in leading magazines, and speaks at various conferences. Kris is a Certified High Maturity Lead Appraiser for the CMMI, Certified PMI Trainer for Virtual, In-Person and computer based training methods on a variety of advanced topics including Statistics, a certified trainer and instructor, and appraiser on the BD-CMM model,  and a Provisional Assessor for the CMMC model.