Learning Tree International

Learning Tree International was one of the first training organizations approved to deliver the CMMC-AB Professional certification courses. Learning Tree is the first step for individuals starting the CMMC-AB Certified Assessor career path.

 Our learning ecosystem is designed to support how learning is done today and evolves to meet advances in technology and individual learning needs. Integrating the world’s largest collection of proprietary and IT partner content, resources, and expertise with a global instructor pool of more than 600 real-world experts, Learning Tree delivers custom learning to global organizations no matter where their workforce is located to drive quantifiable results.

 All vendors or contractors and subcontractors working in any part of the DoD supply chain will be required to obtain CMMC compliance in order to continue working with the DoD.

This certification is a requirement for all DoD contractors. Without this certification, companies will not be able to continue working with the DoD. To become certified as a Certified Professional, you must complete CMMC-AB Certified Professional Course (CMMC model training) from a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) & Pass the CMMC-AB Certified Professional Exam. Assessor Level 1 and Level 3 courses will also be delivered by Learning Tree International.