Leighton Johnson

 Leighton Johnson has over 40 years of computer security, IT and cyber security experience in a variety of industries and companies. He holds 30 IT Security and 6 Homeland Security professional certifications. His managerial and supervisory efforts and experience span over 25 years of support for multiple levels of activities, including Computer Security Lead Engineer, Regional CIO for Professional Services organization and Information Security Program Manager (CISO) for DOD field-level agency. He has developed and taught cyber warfare and cyber defense courses to DOD/DISA organizations around the world. He’s written 2 books in field on Incident Response Team Management and Security Controls Assessments along with 5 training manuals for implementation and management of the NIST-based Risk Management Framework. He started and owns 2 boutique cyber companies and is a board member for a Cybersecurity Support company as well as a Management Consulting company.