Loren Wagner

Built On Trust.

At CentraComm, the most important service we offer is simple: trust. Our customers trust us to secure and manage their digital infrastructure across the globe. They trust us to provide unique data analysis tools to help them make safer and smarter business decisions. Our customer service ratings are unparalleled and our data hosting security mimics that of a military bunker. We nurture best-in-breed partnerships with companies who are known as innovators and leaders while building a company culture designed to do the same: innovate and lead. We’ve committed ourselves to becoming the best at what we do and delivering peace of mind across your enterprise. Trust-as-a-service is the foundation of what we provide, everything we will accomplish together is built upon it.


Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plans

Most organizations today are faced with industry regulations, and noncompliance negatively impacts your business.

At CentraComm, we strive to be your trusted partner for network security. That is why we offer a variety of Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation solutions.