Mainstream Technologies, Inc.

Mainstream Technologies is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) and offers a suite of services to help organizations meet CMMC requirements.   

Basic Assessments – Assess an organization’s policies, procedures and technology environment relative to relevant CMMC requirements to provide insight into gaps and areas for improvement and action plan recommendations to achieve compliance.

Vulnerability Management – Continuously monitor an environment for the presence and emergence of software and configuration vulnerabilities and provide visibility into the status of discovered vulnerabilities.  Once vulnerabilities are identified, we also offer remediation services or can integrate with the client's in-house technology staff. 

Managed Detection and Response – Meet audit log review requirements by monitoring event logs throughout an environment for evidence of malicious, suspicious, or unauthorized activity.  Questionable activity triggers alerts and an automated response feature can take immediate action to mitigate adverse impacts of malicious activity.

Workforce Awareness Training - Recurring training for employees about social engineering, phishing and other human-targeted threats.  Our program routinely introduces these threat topics with continuous testing through simulated phishing and social engineering attacks to help reinforce training and track performance.

Integrity Monitoring – Monitor and report on access to data stores containing CUI to ensure that access policies are effective and effects of unauthorized access are mitigated.

Governance Risk and Compliance Consulting – Services to help with the development of compliant policies and procedures and to facilitate the development of a compliant risk management program.