The Training Centre

The Training Centre is the Training division of Market Street Consultants, an organisation delivering a vast range of Training Courses, including Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Risk Management. Since it's inception in 2007, the business has grown from it's initial roots in the UK and Ireland, out to and including Europe, the Middle East and now North America.

Our Training staff and support team has grown to some 1500 in number, with an eye on Quality at all times. Each of our permanent and affiliate Training staff has undergone extensive vetting, assessment and ongoing training to ensure they deliver the best experience for our delegates. All have a minimum of 20 years experience in their chosen field, with a wealth of experience not just within the workplace, but in delivering training that engages, motivates and develops our delegates. In the last year alone, our training staff have delivered over 5500 training days in Cybersecurity, IT Governance, Data Protection, Risk Management, Audit and Compliance, with a focus not just on imparting knowledge, but on helping our delegates understand the application of this knowledge, allowing them to implement their learning effectively.

The Training Centre continues to add courses which we feel address either a Skills Gap or even an immediate need for action. Our response to Covid-19 was to add Business Continuity, Incident Management and Resilience based courses to our portfolio. We constantly aim to add new courses which deliver value, growing our portfolio and marketing the benefits they bring to both individual and Corporate clients. This is with the aim of becoming the "go to" partner for our clients. 

Why should I use you? Aren't there loads of Training Companies?

You're absolutely right, there are loads of Training companies out there, all with varying costs and varying capabilities. Some are Accredited to deliver their courses, others are not. For those who are not, this results in a poor outcome for course attendees. As a minimum, all CMMC Training must be delivered by a Licensed Training Provider - an LTP, such as ourselves.

"It's all about the Quality, really" - a phrase which is very much in our mindset. We only deliver Accredited training courses that lead to Certification. We do not develop our own materials. We only use approved materials, directly from our Licensed Partner Publishers. This ensures we deliver the correct Quality, the most relevant and up to date materials - and all at the best price possible.

With a focus on our core business delivery goals - technology-driven, skills-centred and quality focussed - we can deliver training opportunities that deliver success, in formats that suit our growing client base.

Our Approach

For too long, training has been a case of delivery, rote learning and certification, with no real engagement from trainees. The net result of this is that employees have ticked the boxes, but haven’t retained the necessary knowledge, or considered its application. At The Training Centre, we deliver our Courses in a blended learning format, a technique which is now used in modern-day classrooms and universities across the country. Blended learning consists of a combination of Live Online delivery, embedded team exercises, mini-tests and discussion which delivers diversity and therefore increases engagement and motivation. With the discussion sections allowing for autonomy, and the opportunity for learners to demonstrate that they have understood, rather than simply learnt, we believe this delivers a more engaging, solutions focussed learning experience. The end result of this? Our trainees perform better on the courses themselves, and later in the workplace.

As an ISO 9001, 27001 and 27701 Certified company, we are dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of our courses and their delivery. The cornerstone of this is client feedback. We value all kinds of feedback from our trainees, and we spend a great deal of time investigating how this feedback can lead to tangible enhancements to our offerings at The Training Centre.

Making Training Accessible

We understand that the two most significant barriers to training are time and money. With blended programmes, the short duration of the courses limits time away from the office. 

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The key to success? Making training available to everyone, using technology and innovation to advance education and skills attainment.