171Comply is focused on policy development meeting CMMC and NIST SP 800-171 compliance.

Our focus is on working with you to develop or modify existing policies that will meet your business and operational framework.  Much of policy can be burdensome and end up being unsupportable.  Our goal is to ensure the policy will support the business operations, meet the compliance objectives, and be the tool that aids in sustainment.

Often the neglected element is the sustainment of the system security plan.  Our view is that policy should be the enabling tool.  One that guides the organization towards meeting their own policy requirements and provides the artifacts of compliance

With templates and policy outlines, we provide a point of departure that will allow up you to jump-start your policy development process.  We work as a team member toward the development of a policy that incorporates how your organization operates.

Our goal is to support your organization in this process; in doing so, we provide neutral and objective advice on elements of the organization, and at times service providers.  With the end result being a sustainable, cost-effective, and compliant system security plan.