Mitchell Tanenbaum, CISO

The CMMC Marketplaces's ONLY turnkey cybersecurity and privacy program provider.  Full-service cybersecurity company offers pre-engineered, comprehensive cybersecurity and privacy packages designed to make building a program much easier with less time, money, and brain-damage.  

Our decades of experience have proven that it is impossible to fully comply with cybersecurity regulatory standards without a comprehensive, pre-engineered (turnkey) cybersecurity program and the support of an experienced partner using a detailed roadmap. We have developed the only such turnkey programs in the country.

Our programs will save you money because:
  1. You get more value for each dollar spent. You leverage off our decades of experience and our previously developed centralized online system, content, and processes. Using our system makes program deployment and system security mitigation far easier, faster and less expensive.
  2. Our program saves YOU time. Our pre-built mitigation processes and procedures translate into time efficiencies and fewer mistakes for you.
  3. Our program saves US time (and you money). With our skilled guidance and support, those same systems are designed so your team can actively engage in the process and execute the program.
  4. The cost you will pay your certifier will be less. Our system gets you prepared for certification faster with less wasted time because everything is mapped directly to the whatever standard you are trying to meet, therefore the certifier will be able to complete their tasks more quickly, saving both time and money in the certification process.
Immediate benefits include:
  1. The most cost-effective turnkey cybersecurity and privacy solution for small to medium-sized companies
  2. The following TCPS licensed program components:
    • Continuously updated program governance tools, content, processes, and procedures
    • Continuously updated training content
    • Reactive and pro-active technical and program support delivered via a secured, shared Google Drive portal
    • Vetted third-party cybersecurity tools
  1. Reduction of cybersecurity and privacy risks, including:
    • IT infrastructure and data risks
    • Regulatory compliance risks
    • Insurance exposure risks
    • Company valuation risks
    • Cybersecurity and privacy financial risks
  2. Faster program deployment and protection of assets
  3. Reduced security complexity
  4. Increased competitiveness and business opportunities
  5. Increased company valuation as a result of using our program