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Get ready now with the experts at Monarch ISC. The subject matter experts at Monarch Information Security Consulting have over 50 years of cumulative experience helping regulated businesses successfully achieve and surpass compliance. Banks, healthcare organizations, and DoD contractors rely on our guidance and allied approach to integrate cybersecurity into their already successful companies. We take you beyond the compliance checkbox. Our services help you build a resilient organization that is more consistent, predictable, and able to quickly recover from adverse events. Cybercrime, natural disaster, human error, or technology failure can derail your mission. We will prepare you for your CMMC audit, and the impact of any risk event.

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As a CMMC Licensed Training Provider (LTP), Authorized Certified Third Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO), and Registered Provider Organization (RPO) we will get you ready. Our certified security professionals have a deep understanding of what assessors will be demanding. Our online CMMC Security Catapult will propel you into compliance, with a Monarch ISC expert navigating you through complexities of this new world. We have loaded all the right questions into the Security Catapult to take you through a simulated CMMC audit. As you answer questions the Catapult identifies compliance gaps, schedules remediation tasks, writes your Security Policies, and authors your System Security Plan. 

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