Network Technology Partners

Many organizations are struggling with the nuances of securing their brand identity, assets, data, and intellectual property.  With the ever-changing dangers of cyber-attacks, it is increasingly difficult to stay ahead of bad actors and monitor the state of your network in real time.   

As a part of the ARGISS solution, NTP offers a wide range of comprehensive security assessment services including Application Assessments, Penetration Testing, External/Internal Vulnerability Assessments and Incident Response Services.  Our security services are offered as a one-time project or subscription basis.   

NTP provides a scalable, always-on, security solution tailored to your network, policies, and key performance indicators alleviating costly cap-ex.  With real-time network visibility and tools, NTP will eliminate the white noise and illuminate anomalies for investigation and remediation.  Our security team provides 24/7 Enterprise Monitoring with Active Threat Hunting in order to quickly detect and validate threats within your environment. 

Coupled with our governance and compliance management services, we provide a timely, cost effective solution to simplify your CMMC process.